Passages-2 Let’s Get This Party Started

Meet Cam and Geo, young sisters. A twist of fate has left them orphans in a strange country. Cam, the elder, will have to grow up fast. And destiny isn’t finished with them yet. Where will they end up?


Cam lay wide-eyed and unsleeping. Except for a small glow from the face of the clock on the dresser, the room was completely dark. Adriana had pulled down the blinds with a “crack!” just before turning off the light, so that light pollution from the city outside wouldn’t bother them as they slept.

When she turned her head to the left, she knew she was looking in Geo’s direction, even though she couldn’t make her sister out in the dark. There was just a darker shape that was Geo’s bed and the 7-year-old herself, twisted up in the sheets. Was she moving? Had she woken? Yes, and no – in a moment Geo’s breathing came regularly again.

Cam fidgeted and tried to relax. Her thoughts flitted back over the last few months. She’d been in shock after Mom was killed in that hit-and-run accident. Adriana had taken care of everything. She was still taking care of everything, even though they were originally only supposed to visit her for a couple weeks.

Mom had wanted a mixed culture-filled, fun-in-the-sun European vacation, the three of them together. After some family discussion, she had decided to take a leap into the unknown, as she called it, and quit her job, start off in a different direction. They were going to move, start over, and this vacation was the starter’s block, preparation for their new life.

But their lives had changed much more than she’d planned, much more than they’d ever expected. And Mom wasn’t here with them anymore.

Cam moved her head from side to side. Her mind was an Etch-a-Sketch, she told herself, wipe it blank with a shake, draw something else.

Adriana was Mom’s cousin, or aunt, or something, but in any case she’d told them to call her Aunt Adriana. She was quite old, and didn’t have a lot of energy or space or money to take care of kids. They were only staying with her until Mr. Kaiser, their lawyer back home, could go through Mom’s papers and find a place for them to go. But he sure was taking a long time.

It wasn’t that Cam didn’t like Adriana – she definitely did. And Geo wanted to stay here, in Madrid, forever. Cam wasn’t sure if her little sister really liked Adriana that much, or if she just didn’t want to go through any more changes right now. If she had to bet, she guessed Geo just wanted to cling to the last place Mom had been.

The thing was, Cam felt itchy. She wanted to get to where they were going, where ever that was going to be. Maybe then she could settle down and feel at home in her own skin again.


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