Passages-3 Sightseeing

The next thing she knew, Adriana was talking as she swept about the room, ratcheting up the blinds and saying it was time to get up. Sunlight streamed into the room. “David will be here to pick you up soon,” Adriana’s voice came back over her shoulder as she headed towards the kitchen.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Geo was bouncing, half on Cam and half on the bed. “Ow, get off me.” Cam rolled over and tried to hide under her pillow. When Geo suddenly left off, though, and Cam heard footsteps thumping out of the room, she sat up quickly. Her little sister had the idea that pouring a glass of cold water on someone was a good way to wake them up, and Cam wholeheartedly did not agree. “I’m up!” she yelled, hitting the floor with her bare feet in emphasis. Geo just laughed, and Cam considered darkly that just the threat of water being poured over her was enough to get her up, without her sister having to actually do anything.

A few minutes later, sitting at the table with a mouthful of toast and tomato drizzled with olive oil, Cam was just wondering what David had planned for them when Geo appeared to read her mind and spoke the words aloud. “Oh,” replied Adriana, “he’s going to take you downtown so you can see some tourist sights.”

“We already saw a bunch,” observed Geo.

“Well,” Adriana said, “there’s a bunch more to see.”

“Are you coming with us?”

“No, I’m expecting Bill to call today, so I’ll stick close to home in case he needs any paperwork done.”

“Oh.” Geo’s face fell, but then she brightened. “Can we get an ice cream after lunch?”

“Yes, ask David to take you to a Palazzo, they’ve got good ice cream.”

“I’m going to get lemon,” stated Geo, sliding off her chair and taking her plate to the sink.

“Lemon is good on a warm day,” approved Adriana, “And today is going to be warm. All right, check your backpacks please. Have you got money? Water? A cap? Suntan lotion? Cellphone?”

“Yes, and I’ve got my trusty photographic recording device,” said Cam. She loved taking photos, which was how she’d got her nickname, short for camera. Geo smirked. She liked being in photos almost as much as Cam enjoyed taking them.

When the doorbell rang, they were all set.


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